A little about me...

As far as a career goes, I used to be an elementary teacher and I loved it... the kids, the work, the silliness, the organization & creativity it brought to my life. But I always knew ultimately I wanted to stay home and be a mom. so when my husband and I became parents in 2007, I quit teaching to be a full time mom. I hadn't planned on working again, but that Christmas, my sweet husband bought me my first DSLR camera so I could capture our new baby boy. That camera re-sparked a lifelong passion of photography and pretty soon I was taking photos of my friends' and family's babies too. It proved very quickly to be my life's passion and this business grew very organically. Now 15 years later, the fact that I get to do this for my work is an absolute dream. Getting to be creative, work with incredible people, edit for HOURS drinking coffee on my couch, and channeling my type A organization all work together to make me so incredibly happy. Such an unexpected blessing in my life!

Outside of all things photography, my favorite thing on earth is being with my husband and two teenage studs. We live on a lake, so our summers are full of surfing, boating, lake dinners, paddleboarding, and anything that gets us in the water. In the winter I love cozying up indoors, snowboarding, and as much snow as Spokane can give me. Obviously I love taking pictures, but also cooking, traveling, decorating, shopping, relaxing, coffee with girlfriends, and more than anything else... Jesus. He's my best friend and my rock.

So thats me! Can't wait to get to know YOU!



"Taking family pictures with Jenna was such a joy! She came highly recommended and for very good reason! She brings so much fun to the shoot that you can't help but smile for her camera. She was very patient and playful with my little boy when he got wild and she worked her magic to get great pictures of him being 100% himself. She makes things easy from scheduling to the shoot itself to receiving the photos. Even my husband didn't mind it! We are thrilled with her work and would recommend her to anyone!"

—the Hooker family

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